The photograph above was taken in July, 1989 as the Massed Shriners Pipe Band marched south down University Avenue, Toronto. The Shriners came from all over Canada and the United States to attend the Imperial Shrine Council held in Toronto that year. The Massed Pipes and Drums led a huge parade of Shriners, which took hours to pass one spot. It is believed that this is the largest Massed Pipe Band (over 1000 Pipers and Drummers) ever to have marched as a complete Pipe Band (not as a series of units). The Band was so large that the entire Drum section had to be buried in the centre of the Massed Band, so that all pipers would have some chance of hearing the Drums! Communication throughout the Band was by portable radios relaying commands to key members located throughout the Band, so that coordination of starts/sets/stops was achieved.


The Pipe Band meets at Rameses Shrine Headquarters
on Monday evenings for practice from 7.30 – 9.30 p.m.


If you can play Pipes or Drums, or would like to learn,
then just appear any Monday night and expect a warm welcome.