Papyrus Magazine November 2016

Papyrus Magazine November 2016

November 2016
Volume 37 Number 5


Illustrious Sir R. Alan Berry 


By the time you read this column, in the winter edition of the Papyrus, it will be almost time for me to leave my office in the Temple and hand over the reins of the Temple to our Chief Rabban, Noble David Rawn and his Lady Edith. I know that they will do a great job, and I wish them every success and safe travels. I would like to give sincere thanks to all of the elected and my appointed Divan members and their ladies. We have been a close working team and in spite of a few on-going challenges we worked together diligently to resolve the majority of the issues. I know the team I leave behind will continue to work hard on your behalf, and I know they will be successful in their efforts. So Noble Dave, and the rest of the Divan, I wish you well in all your efforts and I am very proud to be associated with each of you.

Looking back over the year, I would like to thank the Nobles of the Niagara Shrine Club who put on an excellent Spring Ceremonial. We took in 68 new Nobles and a good time was had by all. This was followed shortly by the trip to Tampa for the Imperial Session where in spite of the heat (which exceeded 100 degrees on many days) we managed to enjoy our time. It was certainly an honour to ride in the chariot through the streets of Ybor City in front of a large crowd of Nobles, Ladies, and local residents. Whilst in Tampa, I was approached by many people thanking me for the work that the Shrine does. It certainly makes you feel good when you hear how we have improved the lives of these children.

Over the summer into the fall months, Lady Jackie and myself were guests at many golf tournaments, barbeques, picnics, and other events offered by Clubs and Units of Rameses. To all those who hosted us, I thank you for your great hospitality. Unfortunately, in spite of all of those golf outings, my game did not get any better.

We continue throughout the Temple to support the Canadian Shriner Hospital in Montreal. I had the pleasure of attending the Hospital Board meeting in September 2016 along with our Hospital Representative, Noble John Neil. Included in this visit, I had the opportunity to visit some of our children and present them with blankets. Also, on this visit the Kingston Shrine Club were in attendance for the opening of the Pediatric Simulation Centre. This lab which was funded entirely by the Kingston Shrine Club will allow the surgeons to practice their skills in a lab environment. Our thanks and congratulations go to Kingston for their hard work and on-going support of this endeavour.

As an aside, I congratulate Noble John on his promotion to the Executive Committee of the Board where he will serve in the capacity of Secretary.

Congratulations John!

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