Papyrus Magazine April 2022

Papyrus Magazine April 2022

April 2022
Volume 43 Number 2


Illustrious Sir Donald A. Campbell

Papyrus Apology

Nobles, as Potentate I owe each of you an apology. Once again, the Papyrus arrived late at your doorsteps. It was more than a little late which is totally unacceptable. The matter has been addressed and I do expect an immediate improvement. I am sorry for our tardiness,especially for those who advertised their Spring functions.

Nobles At Large

In my message in the last issue of the Papyrus, I had a concern with the lack of communication to Nobles who don’t belong to a Club or Unit. I still believe Nobles should be encouraged to join a Club or Unit if possible. For those who can’t, I will be setting up a new Email group called “Nobles At Large.” This way, when an urgent communication needs to get out to all Clubs and Units, we will include the same urgent message to all Nobles at Large. My request is this, all Nobles who do not belong to a Club or Unit, please forward an email to the Recorder at: Please include your full name, address, telephone number(s) and your Rameses membership number.

March 2022

On March 21, 2022, the provincial government cancelled all COVID-19 regulations for meetings. Likewise in the Grand Master’s message, there will be Nobles who, because of their personal or family situations, will not be comfortable in meetings and there will be Nobles who can’t wait to meet in-person again. We will have Nobles not comfortable going to larger gatherings or shaking hands.

Whatever the Noble decides, I urge you all not to form an adverse opinion and/or harass people who continue to wear masks or stay away from large gatherings or don’t shake your hand in a public setting. It is a personal decision. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. I have spoken to the Grand Master and received his permission to publish his March message in our Papyrus. I support his request and it is fully endorsed by your Divan. I am asking all Past Potentates and Nobles to endorse this message and practice it in all our Clubs and Units.

CLUB and UNIT Opening

As of September 1, 2022, Clubs and Units will return to pre-pandemic meetings and visitations. Until then, Clubs and Units may decide whether to hold in-person meetings. This maybe in the form of a Hybrid work model. A hybrid work model is a plan that incorporates a mixture of Club/Unit in-person meeting and remote schedule. Nobles can pick and choose when they join the Club/Unit meeting from home or attend in-person. There is no one-size-fits-all hybrid model.


We need clear the air around the stigma of Binder Fees. It is NOT a cash cow for the organizing Shrine Club. The binder fee was designed for and used for the cost of the parade. There is a significant cost in planning, organizing, and holding a parade on City/Town streets. We experience fees for insurance, city lawyers, city permits, city workers on overtime, street closures, barricades, security, and police expenditures. Just to get a street closure permit, organizers require all three levels of First Responders approval. It would be nearly impossible to collect a fee for all parade participants, so the only mechanism we have, is a fee for all the hotel rooms rented by Clubs and Units. So, the next time you decide it may be cheaper to get a hotel room elsewhere and not with the host hotel, remember the binder fee pays the cost to hold a community parade for all to enjoy. If any Noble can think of an idea on a better way to pay for the parade, please drop me a line.

2022 Spring Ceremonial

This year, St. Catharines and District Shrine Club are the host for the 2022 Spring Ceremonial. The last time Rameses held their Ceremonial in St. Catharines was back in 1986. St. Catharines and District Shrine Club and the City of St. Catharines have bent over backwards to ensure your stay will be memorable and enjoyable. For those who witnessed or attended the St. Patrick’s Parade last March 20th, it is a sure indication the people want to get out and be part of the celebrations. The last time we held a Rameses Shrine Spring Ceremonial was in Barrie, June 2019. I ask you all, and your families, come out and enjoy the weekend and the parade. Events start on Friday, June 10 to Sunday, June 12.


As I close out my message, remember R.P.M. No, it doesn’t stand for your car engine revolutions per minute; it stands for Retention – Participation – Mentoring. At all costs, lets make sure we retain our current membership, ensure our members continue an opportunity to be actively participate, and let’s mentor our newest members including our new officers to ensure future leaders for our organization. And remember “Strength in Family!


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