Papyrus Magazine February 2017

Papyrus Magazine February 2017

February 2017
Volume 38 Number 1

Potentate’s Message

Illustrious Sir David E. Rawn

I would like to thank all the Nobles of Rameses Shrine for the privilege of becoming Potentate for the year 2017. This is a great honour and I will do my best to represent all the Members to the fullest.

I would also like to congratulate Noble Shawn Hewlett on being elected Oriental Guide and look forward to working with Noble Shawn and his Lady Ann in the coming year. I would also like to congratulate Ill Sir Bryan Lawson on being elected Recorder of Rameses Shrine. Ill. Sir Bryan and Lady Ingrid will bring a wealth of knowledge to our Temple. I would like to thank Lady Edith for all her hard work in the past; we are both very much looking forward to this coming year.

As the newly elected Divan Officers assume their leadership role, always remember the TEAM approach. Together Everyone Achieves More. The Divan leaders together with the Appointed Officers and general Nobility have a great responsibility of preserving our organization, setting the foundation and strategic plan for many years of continued success. Membership is by far the biggest challenge Shriners International and Rameses Shriners face today. Only about 14% of Masons in Ontario are Shriners. If each of us were to bring in only one new Candidate into the Shrine we would soon double our membership. To do this we all have to attend our Lodges and spread the good word of our Great Philanthropy, Shriners Hospital for Children.

In 2011, Ill. Sir James McKinney had 118 Candidates and he has challenged our 2017 Team to beat that number. Nobles, I ask for your help to achieve this goal. Together we can do this. In the next few months, the events coming up at the Temple are:

  • Financial Meeting on Saturday 18 February
  • Potentate’s Trip Presentation at Rameses Temple on Sunday, 2 April at 2:00pm. The trip is on our eastern seaboard starting in New York City and ending in Montreal. The trip is scheduled for 9 September to the 21 September. Everyone is welcome.
  • Potentate’s Ball on 22 April
  • Special Ladies Luncheon on 28 Sunday May,
  • Rameses Spring Ceremonial in Collingwood, 9 to 11 June weekend,
  • Imperial Session in Daytona, Florida 9 to 13 July

In closing, I look forward to visiting with the Clubs throughout the year as we work together . . .

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