Papyrus Magazine February 2019

Papyrus Magazine February 2019

February 2019
Volume 40 Number 1


Illustrious Sir Jed M. Handy

Four years of travel, meetings and sometimes physical work has finally culminated in my elevation to the position of Potentate.

I am extremely proud and humbled by your confidence in me to steer our precious Rameses Shrine Club. I promise to do everything in my power to see we not only survive but also thrive in this next year.

You do not achieve this goal without help. A special thanks goes out to each and every one of you who helped, and continue to help me in my (our) journey. I could start naming names but print space and fear of forgetting someone preclude me from doing so. That being said, I do want to thank Illustrious Sir Tom Woodrow and Lady Linda for their help in transitioning leadership.

I also want to congratulate our elected Divan for their advancement within our executive ranks. This includes Noble Joe Johnson who after a number of tries was able to break into our ranks. I also want to thank Noble Aubrey Pereira who showed great humility and ran an outstanding campaign. Thanks go out to all the Nobles who made the pilgrimage to the wilds of Rexdale to attend the Rameses elections and installation.

I have assembled what I like to call the “A” Team for the positions of Appointed Divan and Ambassadors. Thank you for the honour of you being part of our team. There are some experienced members and some new faces. I am extremely proud of their, at times thankless and untiring contributions made on our behalf.

There are a few dates I want to mention:
• On 16 February our Financial Meeting will be held at Rameses H.Q. Plan on attending.
• Our Potentates Ball is being held on 13 April – details in the Papyrus
• The Rameses, Special Ladies luncheon is set for 25 May, a definite must attend.
• Sheba Shrine is hosting the 2019 Spring Ceremonial in Barrie 14-15-16 of June. Don’t forget to bring a Candidate!
• Never been to an Imperial Session? I can’t think of a better year to start. The 145th Imperial Session is being held in Nashville! A must see.
• Lady Christine and I have, with the assistance of Karl from 404 Travel arranged for the trip of a lifetime. Join us on the “Norwegian Jade”, August 11th for an unforgettable cruise on the Mediterranean.

There are more events to come so don’t touch that dial.

Nobles, Ladies and anyone else taking the time to read our Papyrus, thank you. A lot of effort goes into the writing, editing, designing, printing and distributing this outstanding magazine and everyone contributing should be proud.

My blog has a new name but this is still “The Handyman’s Musings”.

Work Hard and Give Back.

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