Papyrus Magazine February 2021

Papyrus February 2021 Cover

Papyrus Magazine February 2021

February 2021
Volume 42 Number 1


Illustrious Sir William C. “Bill” Sweet

I am still here! We can’t have an election due to COVID-19 restrictions, so here I am. We are directed to use paper ballots by Shriners International by-laws.

We would have to gather to enable our members to cast their ballots. Gathering is not currently allowed during the complete provincial lockdown. It is questionable when gatherings might again be permitted.

We may have to just hunker down for a good long time. The light at the end of the long tunnel is a vaccine. There is room for some upbeat enthusiasm caused by the distribution of a vaccine.

However, the assessment at the time of writing is that the mass vaccinations are going to occur in April, May and June. It is going to be a long tough hibernation I am afraid.

What are we going to do about all of this? Stay positive to begin with! A lot of us have made Zoom technology a source of virtual meetings. On our Stated Meeting last Saturday, friends attended from Timmins, North Bay and Sudbury. What a reach. Not the same as in person but no one had to risk their lives driving for many hours. I hope these virtual meetings open the continued participation of Nobles who live at a significant distance from our HQ. I can see a big change in voting trends and governance of our large jurisdiction. All for the better I trust.

Social media technology gives many more options for online communication. Find Shriners online at no fewer than 12 applications. They are all listed in the Shriner Magazine on page 3. Use of any of these methods should become the way to communicate with each other regularly. Any newsworthy or promotional Club information should be posted immediately. Our information can be spread over our jurisdiction and beyond, very close to real time.

Communication of this sort will engage many more Nobles into healthier tasks for our Shrine instead of just hunkering down.

Lady Barbara and I wish all of you a Happier New Year in 2021. Follow the restriction imposed by health authorities and stay safe.

Remember to . . .   Focus On Our Future

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