Papyrus Magazine June 2017

Papyrus Magazine June 2017

June 2017
Volume 38 Number 3


Illustrious Sir David E. Rawn

Your Divan has been very active since the last Papyrus.

Our first event was initiating 6 new Nobles into Timmins and Northland Shrine Clubs with a Cold Sands Ceremony. Congratulations to each of you. A special thank you to our Chief Rabban, Tom Woodrow and Lady Linda as well as all our Elected and Appointed Divan for the most perfect Potentate’s Ball anyone could hope to have. We were very pleased to have our family and special guests in attendance along with many of Rameses Past Potentates, our counterparts from NYOSA as well as Mocha, Tunis and Karnak Temples. Edith and I were very honoured and will remember this weekend forever.

On 8 April, High Priest & Prophet Bill Sweet and Lady Barbara along with Noble Dave and Lady Christine Gillies represented Rameses at Oriental’s Potentate’s Ball in Jacksonville, New York to honour Ill Sir Jim Vooys and Lady Julianne. On 8 April, Lady Edith and I accompanied by 1st Ceremonial Master Rob Wigmore and Lady Bonnie attended Mocha’s Potentate’s Ball in London to honour Ill Sir Gary Willsie and Lady Christine. Also in attendance were Noble Clive and Lady Sandra Allen along with Noble Don and Velda Gillis.

On 29 April, Lady Edith and I attended Ismailia’s Potentate’s Ball in Buffalo, New York honouring Ill. Sir Michael Hackford and Lady Kim. Our travelling companions were Chief Rabban Tom Woodrow and Lady Linda, Noble John Chipchase and Lady Jane, 1st Ceremonial Master Rob Wigmore and Lady Bonnie, Noble Don Gillis and Lady Velda. On 5 May, Lady Edith and I along with Chief Rabban Tom Woodrow and Lady Linda, Assistant Rabban Jed Handy and Lady Christine, High Priest & Prophet Bill Sweet and Lady Barbara, also Chief Aide Eric Welbanks and Lady Linda attended New York Ontario Shrine Association in Alexandria Bay, New York.

It is truly a pleasure to visit all the Temples within NYOSA as well as Mocha, Tunis and Karnak. There are many close friendships developed during our time on the Divan. The Founder’s Golf Classic will be held on May 11th at Innisbrook Golf Course. This is always well attended, a great social event and also an excellent fundraiser. I thank all the members of the Founders for their dedication in making this such a great success.

Lady Edith and I along with Chief Rabban Tom Woodrow and Lady Linda will be travelling to Montreal for Karnak’s Potentate’s Ball and also attending meetings at Montreal Shrine Hospital for Hospital Days. Director John Hindle and Lady Susan and their committee have organized a very special day for our Special Ladies Sunday, 28 May.

We are looking forward to the Spring Ceremonial in Collingwood 8-10 June. Director General John Chipchase and his Committees have organized an incredible weekend. Hope to see you there. We also need to remember our dedication to our Philanthropy so we can continue

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