Papyrus Magazine June 2019

Papyrus Magazine June 2019

June 2019
Volume 40 Number 3


Illustrious Sir Jed M. Handy

With winter finally in my rear view mirror, I write this message. It was quite a winter with above average precipitation and heavy spring runoff. My thoughts and prayers have been with our Brothers in the flood prone areas. Hopefully by the time this message is published, repair work is underway or better still, completed for all those affected. “I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality or perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature” (John D. Rockefeller).

Speaking of overcoming nature, the good Lord smiled on us this year for the Potentate’s Ball. No ice storm, pestilence or plague. Finally, our good, clean living has paid off. We had excellent weather for travel.

Both Lady Christine and I are very thankful to our Chief Rabban Bill Sweet and his Lady Barbara for an outstanding Ball. It was attended by Nobles and Ladies, not only from our Temple but also throughout Ontario and the Northern U.S.

It was particularity nice to see Imperial Sir George Mitchell, P.I.P., and his Lady Deanna in attendance. Thanks so much to all who attended.

I also want to thank our hard working Appointed Divan. Under the direction of my Chief Aide Tom Sutton and his Lady Frances, all who attended our Hospitality Room were well fed and watered.

Our next big gathering will be the 2019 Spring Ceremonial being held in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario. Noble Sandy Mealing (Director General) and his Lady Pauline have been receiving excellent assistance from the Nobles and Ladies of Sheba Shrine. This will be something you will NOT want to miss.

Your Divan and myself are about to go into overdrive. It’s that time of year with many functions to attend. I very much hope to see you at an event being held by your Club. Consider travelling to area Clubs and support your neighbouring Shriner’s functions. You might just have fun and maybe get new ideas for a get-together in your community.

Remember, as Shriners, we are connected by a shared belief in Brotherhood, Compassion and Generosity. Have fun and at the same time support our Hospitals or, in other words, “work hard and give back”.

See you soon.

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