Papyrus Magazine June 2021

Papyrus Magazine June 2021

June 2021
Volume 42 Number 3


Illustrious Sir Shawn W. Hewlett

Well Nobles, here we are, half of the year has past and we are still dealing with this Pestilence raging the land. However, the end of the rainbow is looking closer as our numbers are going down and vaccinations are going up, so some good news to say the least. Have Faith, stay positive, and get your shots as soon as possible.

Zoom has taken over much of the way we communicate and I would like to congratulate those Clubs who have taken on this challenge to get on board the Train and have regular Zoom type meetings. Nobles for the last 15 or so months this has been the only way we have been able to communicate safely and effectively while keeping your members interested, active and engaged. Congratulations to the Clubs who have taken advantage of these times and made the proverbial Lemonade out of those Lemons we have been dealt.

Of special note, a couple of Clubs have gone above and beyond, like Oshawa in their holding of games show nights. First was four weeks of Jeopardy which would make Alex Trebek proud, and now they are doing four weeks of The Newlywed Game which is as much fun as one could have on Zoom and gets the membership involved. Niagara holds regular Monday afternoon socials, and other Clubs have both their executive and regular meeting nights on Zoom. Kawartha invited a guest speaker from Pittsburgh to speak on Shrinedom and what is going on south of our border. Nobles although we’re nearing the end of this pandemic, it’s not too late to get on board and start having Zoom or Zoom type meetings and start getting your members back involved so that when we are up and running you will have a smooth transition to getting back to the norm.

On another note, Nobles the Fall Ceremonial is being planned by our Rorab Nobles under the leadership of Director General Rob McDonald. This is going to be a full Ceremonial with parade and all, so get your Club and Units together and come to North Bay October 22nd to 24th. This will be one of the first events we will be holding so please support Shrinedom, Rameses, your Club and Unit by participating in this Ceremonial. I have been assured by the Rorab Nobles that the temperatures are between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius so this will get you ready for the November Santa Claus Parades and an opportunity to renew those friendships with your fellow Nobility.

Nobles with the numbers going down and the country about to re-open for business we are going ahead with the Potentates trip to Western Canada from September 25th to October 3rd. This will be an opportunity to get out from being locked down and quarantined for the last 15 months which by this time everyone should have their second shot of the vaccination and be good to go.  As well staying within Canada is the safest option rather than travelling abroad. Most importantly Nobles it’s about having Fun and Fellowship for a purpose, so no matter what you choose to do or where you choose to go, make the most of each experience and enjoy the time with your fellow Nobles. Laugh, tell jokes, kibitz, and so on in the name of good fun and fellowship, and remember that our purpose is supporting our Shriners Hospitals and the Children we help every day.

This Fall we hope to get out to as many Clubs and Units as possible and renew those friendships, and remember Nobles let’s all get on the Train.


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