Papyrus Magazine November 2019

Papyrus Magazine November 2019

November 2019
Volume 40 Number 5


Illustrious Sir Jed M. Handy

Nobles, Ladies and Friends,

I can’t believe my time as a member of your Divan is quickly coming to an end. I can’t express how honoured I am to have represented you as a member of the Rameses Executive. When I originally entered the race for Oriental Guide I had some idea of what was in store but you really don’t know until you live it. There have been some tough decisions to make, some popular, some not. During my time we have moved from a large venue on Keele Street to a more svelte location on Queens Plate Drive. Although I was not part of the sale of Keele Street or the hunt for a new location I was there for the challenges of the move.

As a Divan, we all have our own personalities and ideas. I can’t say we always agreed on all of the decisions we are faced with but I can say one thing for certain, we always had the good of Rameses Shriners, our Children and our Children’s Hospital system as our number one priority. I am proud to say Rameses Shriners is recognized as one of the systems top supporters. Fun with a purpose!

I would be remiss not to mention our Spring Ceremonial team at Sheba Shrine. They stepped up and got the job done. Special thanks to my Director General Sandy Mealing and his outstanding team. Also my team of Appointed Nobles led by my Chief Aid Tom Sutton and the finest bunch of Nobles I could possibly think of. Thank you Nobles and Ladies. You have done an outstanding job.

I have attended golf tournaments, BBQs, picnics, meetings and gatherings of every shape and colour. I was always welcomed with open arms and generosity. Thank you Nobles and your Ladies.

Also I wish to thank all the Past Potentates who were always generous with their support and advice. Thank you, Illustrious Sirs.

I also want to thank my Lady Christine. Without her support I would not have been able to attend to the many duties, which are inherent in the duties of a Divan member. She took up the slack that was left due to my absences.

I don’t know where my journeys will take me from here but nothing will be more satisfying than the last five years.

Have a safe and fun Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Yuletide Greetings and Feliz Navidad.

However you say it, live it!

See you in chapter two. Work hard and give back!

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