Papyrus Magazine September 2018

Papyrus Magazine September 2018

September 2018
Volume 39 Number 4


Illustrious Sir Thomas W. Woodrow

Well Nobles, autumn is slowly descending upon us. But first I would like to take this time to thank some special people. Apparently the Founders Unit was the only Canadian float in the Imperial Parade in Daytona Beach. Way to go guys, great job.

A special thanks to Noble Art Settle and his committee for putting on a great Spring Ceremonial in Orillia. Congrats to Therese Craig-Paul and her great group of Ladies for a wonderful Ladies Program. Lady Linda was very impressed.

Of course, we all welcome our 48 new Nobles.

Your Divan has been very busy representing you at various golf tourneys, BBQs and of course at the Imperial Sessions in Daytona Beach.

We have all been blessed by the hard work we do for our kids and hospitals. This summer is one to remember – but for all the wrong reasons. The tragic events with the Humboldt Hockey Team, the people killed in Toronto by a maniac in a van and the shooting on the Danforth. Let us remember the victims in our prayers.

Nobles, our fraternity is being stressed. At one time there were 900,000 Shriners; today we are down to 230,000. Let us work together to increase our membership. The Fall Ceremonial will be on November 17 at our Temple. Bring a Candidate!

Let me tell you a story about a new Shriner and an old Shriner.

A short time after becoming a new Shriner he looked around the Temple and over in the corner by himself was an old Shriner. The young man went and introduced himself. The old man’s face showed the lines of many journeys. Traveling everywhere but going nowhere. The young asked how long the old man had been a Shriner. The old man replied over 40 years. The young asked, if there was anything that you could change about the past or something you would do differently what would it be? The old man looked up for a moment and said would change 2 things. Almost all of my life I was a Shriner who came to the meetings and said nothing, I volunteered for nothing. When the meal was over I would leave. I couldn’t understand how some Nobles seemed to be enjoying Shrinedom. They worked hard all the time. It was a long time before I understood why they were so happy doing all this work. You see you only get out of life what you put in to it. They put in much and got much. I put in nothing and such was my reward. The new Shriner said what is the second you would do? Without hesitation, he said, “l would have been an active Shriner”.

Nobles, what are you getting out of Shrinedom? Is it all that you put in?

Woody’s Quote: The best way to stop an argument – don’t start one!

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