Papyrus Magazine September 2021

Papyrus Magazine September 2021

September 2021
Volume 42 Number 4


Illustrious Sir Shawn W. Hewlett

Nobles, well here we are in the fourth quarter of the second year and this “Pestilence is still raging our land”. We have not had a Ceremonial in two years or been able to get together and share a laugh or two with our fellow Nobles and Ladies, no shaking of hands or hugs to those we have missed. No social get-togethers, Club and Unit dinners, parades, bonspiels, in person meetings, friendly visits and everything in-between. As I continually say, “You can either get on the Train or be left at the Station”, so Nobles, let’s get on the Train and get vaccinated so we can all get back to what being a Shriner used to be like.

As you are most likely aware, most of the events have been cancelled due to the COVID restrictions, of which the latest is the Fall Ceremonial. However, the planning continues in North Bay and we will be having a virtual Initiation, where Nobles will be Initiated both in North Bay (representative Candidates) but the rest virtually, via Zoom. Nobles, we will have missed four Ceremonials now and several other functions because of COVID. This has got to stop and we must get back to running our Philanthropy, raising funds for our Hospitals and having fun being Shriners. The only way for this to happen is if everyone in vaccinated. Although the Fall Ceremonial has been cancelled in its present form due to the restrictions placed on Community Centres and such, (50% of capacity rule), The Rorab Shrine Club now on plan “E” have arranged a very special surprise which has never been done before by Rameses Shriners. Unfortunately, our in-person numbers are limited to 125, so we hope to have this surprise telecasted via Zoom so all can witness the event, please tune in, I promise you won’t be disappointed. The zoom instructions will be sent out to all Secretaries to be further distributed to the membership.

Nobles, you may have already heard but as restaurants are up and running (75% occupancy) and the majority of our meetings are at restaurants or Club banquet halls then it is possible to start holding your monthly club dinner meetings again, provided that you abide by all Federal, Provincial and Local Health Unit requirements, including producing your vaccine passport. Holding our standard dinner meetings in no different then presently going out to a restaurant, however, if your immune system is compromised then you should NOT attend, only you know your health information and only you can decide whether you should attend any function or not.

It would be great if EVERY Rameses Club, Unit and able-bodied Noble could plan to participate in getting our Philanthropy back on track. Nobles, this cannot happen without you and as everyone should be double vaccinated by now, we should all be good to go, we have now lost two years of our lives by staying indoors or self isolated.

Remember when you were initiated into the Shrine not so long ago (or long ago)? Remember all the Shriners that attended your initiation, parade and the other events helped to make your weekend very special. This was made possible by the all the Nobles of Rameses Shriners. Well Nobles, we have several Candidates wanting and waiting to be initiated into the Greatest Philanthropy in the World! They are looking forward to getting started and making a difference in their communities, so let’s all make this virtual Ceremonial a memorable time for them; they need your active participation in this event, so please tune in.

The Potentates Ball is still a go, so if you are looking to do something on October 30th, then come out to the Ball, heck you can even wear a costume (with a mask of course).

On a final note, let’s practice our Brotherly Love and remain vigilant as we continue to navigate through these difficult times and remember “Get on the Train and be part of the solution”, be “Bigger than Yourself”.

Stay Safe and Healthy.


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