Papyrus Magazine Spring 2023

Papyrus Magazine Spring 2023

Spring 2023
Volume 44 Number 2


Illustrious Sir Joseph “Joe” W. Johnson

Papyrus Apology

Nobles, as Potentate I owe each of you an apology. You are correct. The last Papyrus was late. We are readjusting the deadline dates as some are not practical. We had delays on each of these as contracts were worked out for the Potentate’s Ball, trip prices and itinerary were determined for the Potentate’s Trip, and contracts were worked out with the Imperial Session lodging in Charlotte and prices determined. I spent a week on fine tuning one of our sponsors full page ads as he had changed companies, logos, and descriptions. I was getting change requests daily. There are only two of us doing the work, myself as Editor-in-Chief, and another Publisher person (non-Mason, non-Shriner, graphic design artist and layout person) who has worked on the Papyrus since the 1990’s or earlier. But as they say, nobody wants to hear excuses, they just want their product. We are now placing the Papyrus on the web site and emailing all Secretaries and Ambassadors to send it out ahead of the printed version so that the majority of the members will have it in hand. We will endeavour to do our best to get it out on time in the future.

Binder Fees

We need to clear the air around the stigma of Binder Fees. It is NOT a cash cow for the organizing Shrine Club. The binder fee was designed for and used for the cost of the parade. There is a significant cost in planning, organizing, and holding a parade on City/Town streets. We experience fees for insurance, city lawyers, city permits, city workers on overtime, street closures, barricades, security, and police expenditures. Just to get a street closure permit, organizers require all three levels of First Responders approval. It would be nearly impossible to collect a fee for all parade participants, so the only mechanism we have, is a fee for all the hotel rooms rented by Clubs and Units. So, the next time you decide it may be cheaper to get a hotel room elsewhere and not with the host hotels, remember the binder fee pays the cost to hold a community parade for all to enjoy. If any Noble can think of an idea on a better way to pay for the parade, please drop me a line.

2023 Spring Ceremonial – Belleville

This year, the Belleville & District Shrine Club is the host for the 2023 Spring Ceremonial. The Belleville Spring Ceremonial 2023 Team have been hard at work for the past few years and although hampered by COVID, have created a lasting experience for you to partake in, including a downtown parade, a Feast at the Royal Canadian Air Force Museum in Trenton, a live band on Friday night at the Curling Club, a Ladies Event, golfing for those who wish to do so, and newly refurbished hotels. The Belleville & District Shrine Club and the City of Belleville have bent over backwards to ensure your stay will be memorable and enjoyable. I ask you all, and your families, come out and enjoy the weekend and the parade. Events start on Friday June 9 and continue through Sunday June 11. See the Spring Ceremonial pages in the Papyrus or on the Belleville & District Shrine Club web site.

Fun – Fellowship – Philanthropy

I have been working closely with the Public Relations (PR) Team and the Membership Team to work on ways to increase membership, retain membership, and kickstart those members who pay their dues and not come out to meetings or events since COVID hit. Many Clubs and Units are struggling to get their members attending meetings, events, or parades. We have started up a new open to the public calendar where Clubs and Units can share information about parades, golf tournaments, BBQ’s, and other fun events. Take a look at the calendar to get ideas, join other Clubs or Units for their events, and have FUN and FELLOWSHIP and help raise funds for our PHILANTHROPY. Bring out your family, friends and fellow Masons, and help grow the Shrine Membership.

Final Thoughts

In closing, First Lady Joyce and I would like to thank Chief Rabban Noble John Domonkos and Lady Elizabeth for a well run and entertaining Potentate’s Ball. We enjoyed the FUN and FELLOWSHIP of a majority of the NYOSA Potentates or Representatives and their Ladies, as well as our own Past Potentates, Elected Divan, Appointed Divan, members and friends. First Lady Joyce and I, as well as various Divan members, have attended the Daughters of the Nile and Ladies’ Oriental Shrine of North America Inc. Installations, the Montreal Hospital Seminars, the NYOSA Spring Session, and several Club invitations. We look forward to our travels, Club visitations and other events as the year progresses. First Lady Joyce’s Project is moving along well with members using the E-Transfer method to purchase tickets. Remember…



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