Papyrus Magazine Summer 2023

Papyrus Magazine Summer 2023

Summer 2023
Volume 44 Number 3


Illustrious Sir Joseph “Joe” W. Johnson

Papyrus Update

Nobles, we are closing the gap on production of the Papyrus. We will be send out the electronic version (PDF) again as that gets it in your hands earlier than the paper printed edition. We will also post on the web site. Some Nobles have indicated that the electronic edition could replace their paper copy. We have picked up another major sponsor for the full back page of the Papyrus which will help offset our printing costs as well.

2023 Spring Ceremonial – Belleville

We had a bit of a setback when the City of Belleville cancelled our parade route downtown. They gave us a new one and we think it is actually better, as it is shorter, in a straight line of 1.6 km, with fewer bridges and hills. There is a larger staging area at the Parkdale Baptist Church and the parade completion enters the Belleville Fairgrounds from the same street. It basically is an easier parade route to manage. Moving parade vehicles to the staging and marshalling area or the new Belleville and District Shrine Club is very easy as well, as Sidney Street is 4 lanes wide where we will use three of them leaving the fourth for emergency vehicles. It is a short walk from the Quinte Curling Club from the Ladies Event or from the Shrine Clubhouse to see the reviewing stand and the parade.

Fun – Fellowship – Philanthropy

Our Membership Team and Public Relations Team are hard at work trying to assist the Clubs and Units in keeping in touch with each other and create new members. We are using the following Calendar website for Clubs and Units to post meeting info and event info (BBQ’s, Fish Frys, Streak Fry’s, Master Mason Nights, etc.): Our Social Media person Noble Mehdi Pakzad is trying to coordinate the information from Club Newsletters or Club Secretaries to populate this calendar. Contact Noble Mehdi as listed under Public Relations in the Rameses 2023 Directory. We are also trying to get flyers for events on this site.

Final Thoughts

In closing, First Lady Joyce and I would like to thank those Clubs and Members who have contributed to her First Lady’s Project. She is still adding items to the list of prizes to be won. Tickets are just an email and e-transfer away. I have been attending several events with and without Lady Joyce. We enjoy these travels and visits. We have several more events scheduled and hope to meet many of you in our travels. Don’t forget we have the Spring Ceremonial in Belleville in June hosted by the very hard-working Belleville and District Shrine Club Nobles and Ladies as well as some helpers from other close by Clubs. We also have the Imperial Session in Charlotte, NC, in July, which is a scenic drive for those who don’t want to fly. We hope to see you at BBQ’s and other summer events. Remember…



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