Papyrus Magazine September 2016

Papyrus Magazine September 2016

September 2016
Volume 37 Number 4


Illustrious Sir R. Alan Berry 

I start this message on a somber note. On June 26, 2016 Imperial Sir Wayne J. Lachut passed to the Grand Lodge above. Imperial Sir Wayne was a dear friend to Rameses Temple and visited us on many occasions. His passing was a true loss to Shrinedom and to all who knew him. We pass our sincere condolences to his wife Janet, his two sons Bradford and Steven, and all other family members. Our condolences go to the members of Ismailia Temple where Imperial Sir Wayne was a valued member. May he rest in peace.

We are now well into the 2016 year with many fun events behind us. The Spring Ceremonial was a good time with lots of Club and Unit representation at the parade and Feast where we welcomed 68 new Candidates. Welcome to our new Nobles and we hope to see you and your family out at upcoming events. I thank all the sponsors for their efforts.

A tip of the Fez to Director General Dave Gillies, President Les Vass and the Niagara team for hosting the 2016 Spring Ceremonial. They all did a fabulous job and we thank you.

In July, we visited Tampa for the Imperial Session and we offer our congratulations to Imperial Sir Chris Smith and his Lady Ethel on their rise to Imperial Potentate and First Lady of the Shrine.

The Rameses contingent had a great stay at the Hampton Inn in Ybor City. One of the highlights was our Rameses Welcome Dinner at Gaspers Pirate Bar. The party went from 5:00 to 11:00 o’clock and a great time was had by all.

Over the summer months we have been very busy with various Temple and Club functions. Lady Jackie and I thank the Nobility for their courtesy and hospitality at the various golf and barbecues that we have attended. We enjoyed meeting with all of you.

The Nobility has also been busy with 80 Circuses this year that took a lot of manpower. I thank the Nobles and Ladies who attended the Circus and look forward to our get together at the Circus Appreciation dinner on September 16th. A special night was the Bryan Adams concert on July 26th where 60 Nobles and their Ladies gathered together to sell CD’s to raise money for the Canadian Shriners Hospital – Canada in Montreal. Approximately, $5,500 was raised in one evening for the hospital. My special thanks to all of those that came out to sell CDs and support the cause. Thanks to Ill. Sir Ray Causton who organized this event.

As we move into the fall season, I encourage you to support your Club and Unit activities. There are many golf tournaments, BBQs and picnics to attend. Please get out there and show the world we are a fun loving bunch. This will make you feel better and also help membership. When you attend be sure to take someone with you! The more the merrier.

A special note the N.Y.O.S.A. fall meeting will be held in Alexandria Bay, NY on September 24th and 25th. All Nobles, Ladies and their families are welcome to attend and it is always a fun weekend.

Friday October 14th is our Western Night. Please note the bold and underline as the date had to change after we published the directory.

Lady Jackie and I look forward to visiting with you on our travels.

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